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What Company Culture is Right For You?

You’re on a journey to find the perfect place to continue your career.  Your interviews are going well, the job is interesting, the pay is on point, but, you forgot to dig deep on Company culture.  In 4 simple steps you’ll learn how to understand company culture, before stepping foot inside the company  How do […]

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How to Make Better Decisions at Work

Do you have a great idea that you are too scared to share?  Maybe you have an important decision to make, but you are gun shy to pull the trigger.  In this week’s video we break down 5 scientifically proven techniques to help you make better decisions at work no matter how big or small. […]

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What to Do When Everybody at the Office Gettin’ Tipsy

Wait… you mean all I need to succeed is a Goose & Tonic????  This week’s video is a shout out to my fellow professionals whose companies are catching on to the latest trend; BYOB.  It’s kind of like bring your child to work day, but for alcoholics.  I kid….I kid.  But seriously, the idea of […]

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How to Deal with Annoyingly Happy Co-workers (Video)

  Ever get annoyed by a co-worker who just always seem to find the silver lining?  Like…ALWAYS. As you’ll see from this week’s viewer email, you’re not alone.  We all appreciate positivity, but sometimes, you’re just not in the mood.  But here’s the flip side.  What do you do when Little Miss Sunshine starts to […]

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