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Make the Most of Your Performance Appraisal

According to one of my favorite sites, Officevibe,

20% of employees believe their leader is unprepared for the Performance Appraisal before the employee walks into the room and 20% of employees feel the performance appraisal is unfair.  

It’s time to share your voice so your Performance Appraisal gives you what you need and meets the needs of your boss.  As always the juiciest stuff is in the video below, but if you’re too pressed for time to watch the full video, here’s a quick snapshot.

  1.  Know what you want out of the Performance Appraisal.  Don’t expect your manager to guess.  Go into it prepped like you would for any big meeting.  What do you want to get across?  More training, a change in your boss or teammates behavior?  More development?  Name it!
  2. If you have problems you want to highlight, make sure you also come in with solutions.  Also give your leader space to add other options.  Verbiage as simple as this: ‘Here’s my challenge, and here are three ideas I have for fixing it.’ is very helpful to start.
  3. Make a suggestion for your own development. 
  4. Seal the deal.  Be clear about what’s n it for your leader and the company.  How does your enhanced development directly impact the business?  What current business need will your ask  change or address? How will your ask increase value to the organization and contribute to the company mission?

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Adwoa Dadzie is a Vice President of Human Resources at Comcast and a Millennial Corporate Career Thought Leader.

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