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How to Make Better Decisions at Work

Do you have a great idea that you are too scared to share?  Maybe you have an important decision to make, but you are gun shy to pull the trigger.  In this week’s video we break down 5 scientifically proven techniques to help you make better decisions at work no matter how big or small.

  1. How does your idea / decision tie back to your team’s or organization’s top 3-5 priorities?

  2. Before proceeding, explore what possible alternatives exist.

  3. Consider what important information or details you’re missing so you can limit major errors.

  4. What positive impact will your decision/idea have on the team/organization 1 year from now?

  5. Bounce your ideas and important decisions by at least 2 key stakeholders

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The corporate world needs that unique gift that only you bring. So go out into the world, act with conviction, be courageous and live joyfully every single day.

XO, Adwoa

Adwoa Dadzie is a Vice President of Human Resources at Comcast and a Millennial Corporate Career Thought Leader.

The views expressed in this post are Adwoa’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.


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