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When to Discuss your Vacation Plans in a Job Interview

When you’re actively interviewing, it can feel weird telling a prospective employer anything that may jeopardize your chances of an offer.  So what happens when you’ve got vacation plans in the middle of an interview process, or even worse, a vacation that may postpone your start date if offered?

In this case, timing is EVERYTHING!

In today’s video, I answer a viewer email that tells you not only when to break the news to that potential employer, but exactly what to say to be polished, professional and powerful in the interview process.

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The corporate world needs that brilliance that only you bring.  So go out into the world, act with conviction, be courageous and live joyfully every single day.



Adwoa Dadzie is a Director of Human Resources and Corporate Career Strategist. The views expressed in this post are Adwoa’s and do not reflect the views of her employer. Follow her on Twitter @adwoadadzie3, Instagram @adwoadadzie, Periscope @adwoadadzie3, or visit her at


XO, Adwoa

Adwoa Dadzie is a Vice President of Human Resources at Comcast and a Millennial Corporate Career Thought Leader.

The views expressed in this post are Adwoa’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.


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