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armed with the confidence and right resources can change the ratios of female leaders in corporate America.


To this day, my heart breaks a little every time I see a talented woman quit —

because 9 times out of 10, she didn’t have to. That’s why I started this site: to change the ratios of female leaders in Corporate America. We are talented and diverse with the power to make change.

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Make the Most of Your Next Conference

A Conference can be overwhelming.  I mean, all those people standing around looking fabulous, smart and high achieving? YIKES! Today you’ll learn how to approach every conference so you get the most out of the experience, are developed and build your network. As always the juiciest stuff is in the video below, but if you’re […]

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How to Ask for a Raise

Do you want a raise, yet are unsure about how to ask for it? In this week’s video,  You’ll learn all these goodies: How to prepare for the conversation How to make it easier for your boss to say “yes”. What to do if your boss says “No” As always the juiciest stuff is in […]

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Your Most Productive 90 days Ever

I know there is a ton of work thrown at you all the time.  Your to-do list is probably 5 pages long, right?  Then you start to wonder “What am I getting done at the end of the day and where do I need to spend my energy?” Let’s talk about a 3 step process […]

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How to Succeed at Office Politics

Think about your first experience with office politics.  Did you lean into the game or avoid it altogether? One of the biggest mistakes aspiring and current leaders make is avoiding the inevitable game of office politics.  Before we get too far along let’s level set your expectations.  Office Politics Exists Everywhere. Although you may be […]

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Smart Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is around us constantly.  It comes from all directions and it often feels nonstop.  Now, I’m not here to talk to you about how to make your life stress-free, because I’m not sure that can even happen.  (But if it can, let me know!) What I want to talk to you about are three […]

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3 Ways to Deal with an Office Control Freak

We depend on colleagues to help us get work done, but some colleagues are more difficult to work with than others.  You know what I’m saying.  Some of those colleagues are total control freaks.  In this week’s video, lets talk about what you can do to build a better relationship with that colleague and get […]

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Turn Your Mentor into Your Sponsor

Many people have mentors, but few have real sponsors at work.  Your mentor’s goal is to help you improve an area of opportunity and give advice.  A sponsor’s goal is to advocate for you so you get opportunities that help you advance.  You want really a sponsor.  The great news is that you don’t need […]

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How to Push Back and Still be a Team Player

Because you’re an all-star, you probably have peers and colleagues come up to you all the time, asking for your expertise to solve a work problem.  After a while, that can get old.  The challenge is, as much as you want to be a go-to person and a team player, you have your own work […]

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When a Colleague Steals Your Ideas

Have you ever had a great idea that a colleague took credit for?  Maybe you put tons of sweat equity into a project and your colleague passed off your work as their own.   I know it sounds so high school, but unfortunately, this behavior can make its way into the workplace.  I’ve had this […]

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How to Survive a Revolving Door of New Bosses

Do you have a new boss every couple of years (or every couple of months)?   In an ideal world this would be because you’re so awesome you keep getting promoted (yay!), but for most of us it’s because our boss gets promoted, gets fired or quits (boo!).  This usually leaves you feeling frustrated and exhausted because […]

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