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Go From Office Cynic to Optimist in 24 Seconds

Remember when you met the new guy with the weak handshake?  You immediately decided he wasn’t fit for the job. Remember that time your coworker came to a meeting with a head full of wet hair and you decided she was incompetent? Remember when the office “know it all” was about to spout out another […]

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How to Handle Tense Moments at Work

Sometimes things get seriously tense at work.  We’ve all had those moments where we feel like every button that could be pushed, was pushed.  As you know, allowing your emotions to get the best of you isn’t the best career move.  In this week’s video, we discuss how you can keep your emotions in check, […]

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How to Cope with Change

Change is constant but it can also be uber stressful.  Truthfully, I’m on my own journey towards ensuring I lead with a change mindset, so I can enable and empower those around me.  On my journey, Ive learned a few things that I seriously couldn’t wait to share with you.  In this week’s video, I […]

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How to be Respected and Well Liked

I overheard a conversation between two women, one of whom asked, “How can I deal with the stigma of being hated if I want to be successful at work?”  Sigh…that question stings every time I hear it.  There’s quite a bit of research that details the challenges many women face when balancing likability and success.  […]

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How to Quit with Class

Making the decision to leave your current employer can be tough, but don’t forget to consider HOW you leave. You want to do everything in your power to make sure you leave without burning a bridge.  Truth be told, some people may hold a grudge regardless, but maximize your chances for a positive relationship post […]

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Work Productivity Hacks you Need to Know

I can’t give you more time, but I can help you maximize it.   Today’s video has some of my favorite productivity hacks.  I’m only sharing with you the best ones, the ones that have actually helped change my life.  I know you’ll have some AHA moments too. We’ll discuss: Email Inbox Hacks – these […]

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