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It’s a Stressful Time. Here’s How to Cope With It

Whew child!  It’s stressful out here.  

Like everyone else, I’m hibernating, trying to keep myself busy, having more virtual happy hours than I know what to do with and patiently (but eagerly) awaiting a new normal.  Truthfully, I am feeling a little bit stressed. So, I went digging, hunting, reading for ways out of my stress mode (which just ain’t pretty). I found lots of good tips for stress busting, but there is one in particular that really stood out.  

Use stress as a learning moment.

Hear me out.  This tactic was more than just “everything happens for a reason”, which I totally co-sign on, by the way.  This was literally about, saying…”ok, what am I supposed to learn here?” and/or saying “ok, this sucks, I need to step away and go do something new, learn a new skill, read a new book, attend a new virtual conference.”  Either way, the stress was an opportunity to gain knowledge.  

So, what am I doing in this stressful time?  I’m learning how to be a better cook. I cook when I’m trying to impress the BF, or hosting the holidays.  Now, I’m hacking recipes, cooking more than I’ve cooked in my life and feeling like a really hot Betty Crocker.  

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The corporate world needs that unique gift that only you bring. So go out into the world, act with conviction, be courageous and live joyfully every single day.

XO, Adwoa

Adwoa Dadzie is a Vice President of Human Resources at Comcast and a Millennial Corporate Career Thought Leader.

The views expressed in this post are Adwoa’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.


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