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Fail Proof Resolutions? I’m Here for It.

It’s a New Year (and decade)!  

With the start of any new year, I like to take a moment to reflect and think about how I will live my best life.  Those first few weeks and months give me so much life.  My gym game is on point, I’m practicing self care, I’m nice to people on the train.  Life is good. 

My outlook on our Roaring 20’s 2.0 is no different

I’m always down for a good resolution and if I’m keeping it real (which I am), sometimes I slay those resolutions and sometimes, I’m over it by March. 

I want you to live your best life. Today let’s talk about tactics to make this year the year of fail-proof resolutions. 

As always the goodness is in the video, but if you’re pressed for time, don’t have ear buds or just prefer to read, then get the scoop below.

I have a theory that resolutions are more likely to stick when they’re really important top us.  So here’s my hypothesis:  If you have resolutions that go south a mere weeks (o months) into the new year, then those resolutions just probably weren’t that serious for you.  I mean how many times can you resolve to lose 10 pounds, before you just go….forget it.

So the question  becomes, how do you  create resolutions that are meaningful but also achievable in a year?

Enter M.A.S.S. Resolutions



This is about creating resolutions of significant meaning to you.  Start by envisioning what you want your life to look and be like1 year, 3 years or 5 years from now.  Pretend you are  envisioning a scene in the movie of your life.  Then put it down on paper.  If it elicits joy and excitement when you read it, then she’s the one!

Now that you know your vision for yourself, create resolutions the get you to that vision.  That my dear is a meaningful resolution.  


This one is pretty straightforward.  Focus on things you can and will accomplish this year.


Share your new goals with people whom you love, support you and will hold you accountable because they want your joy just like you want your joy.  Nothing is better than the love of your tribe.  


he who, what, when, where and why of the resolution will help keep you on track.  When you get maniacally specific you keep yourself honest with how likely you are to accomplish the resolutions. 

Now, go for and conquer this new year (and decade).  

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Organizations all over the world need that unique gift that only you bring.   Go out into the world today and act with conviction, be courageous and live joyfully every single day.

XO, Adwoa

Adwoa Dadzie is a Vice President of Human Resources at Comcast and a Millennial Corporate Career Thought Leader.

The views expressed in this post are Adwoa’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.


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