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To this day, my heart breaks a little every time I see a talented woman quit —

because 9 times out of 10, she didn’t have to. That’s why I started this site: to change the ratios of female leaders in Corporate America. We are talented and diverse with the power to make change.

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Is a Side Hustle Right For You?

If you’ve ever fantasized about having a side hustle this week’s video is for you.  Watch and learn whether a side hustle is for you and what exactly your side hustle could be.   As always the juiciest stuff is in the video below, but if you’re too pressed for time to watch the full […]

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4 Beyonce-Inspired Career Hacks

September 4th is Beyonce’s Birthday.  Aside from being a supreme entertainer, she is one of my personal role models.  Her work ethic, passion and energy have inspired me for years. In honor of her, I’ve captured my 4 favorite Beyonce career hacks just for you.  No matter your role, company or level, these are career […]

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Draft Emails People Want to Read

Real  bosses have effective emails that people pay attention to.  Today, I’ll walk you through tips to become a masterful email communicator.   As always the juiciest stuff is in the video below, but if you’re too pressed for time to watch the full video (it’s less than 4 minutes), here’s a quick snapshot.   […]

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Find the Perfect Role Model

The term role model was coined by sociologist Robert K. Morton, who helped us understand the value of  role models in our lives and careers. Numerous research conducted over the last several years indicates that women benefit more from role models than men do.  Most of us know a role model helps us thrive, but […]

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Grief at Work:  How to Deal with a Grieving Employee

For all the joys in life, like the beauty of springtime – it is finally warm on the East Cast – there are also moments of profound sadness brought on by grief.  Sometimes, these grieving people are our employees, colleagues or bosses. Many of us have experienced the loss of someone we love. Whether you […]

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4 Boss Hacks Every Employee Should Know

Imagine a world where you knew exactly what your boss expects from you.  TADA! I’m apparently in a wish granting mood this week. This week’s video is my gift to you.  4 boss hacks so you go down in history as one of the best employees your boss ever had.  You’re going to learn the […]

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What Company Culture is Right For You?

You’re on a journey to find the perfect place to continue your career.  Your interviews are going well, the job is interesting, the pay is on point, but, you forgot to dig deep on Company culture.  In 4 simple steps you’ll learn how to understand company culture, before stepping foot inside the company  How do […]

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Build Your Office Cred (when you Don’t Have Work Experience)

Light on work experience?  Get the respect you crave (and deserve) without having a decade or more of experience.   Breaking into a new field with limited work experience can feel like a recipe for career disaster.  Before you talk yourself out of a move, watch this week’s video.  You’ll learn, in less than 3 […]

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Make the Most of Your Performance Appraisal

According to one of my favorite sites, Officevibe, 20% of employees believe their leader is unprepared for the Performance Appraisal before the employee walks into the room and 20% of employees feel the performance appraisal is unfair.   It’s time to share your voice so your Performance Appraisal gives you what you need and meets […]

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How to Reach your Career Goals

New Year Resolutions are so 2017.  This year, let’s set goals we’ll actually stick to.   In this week’s video,  You’ll learn this about setting goals: What you need to know to set goals you’ll achieve How to hold yourself accountable to goal achievement And how to boost your goal attainment by 300%   As […]

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